21st Century Teaching… or is it?


21st Century Teaching.


Just found this on Pinterest and thought it represented perfectly the tall expectations teachers are under as educators of future generations. Looking at some of the suggestions, I think most are practical and useful points all teachers should take on. We should all utilise technology on some level in order to teach and communicate better with our students. Thinking skills should always be developed, regardless of subject, as today we aim to give our children transferable skills rather than certain skill sets for certain subjects.

As teachers or pupils, which suggestions do you think are spot on, and which have proven to be wishful thinking? I know for a fact that letting students use mobile phones in lessons doesn’t always yield good results! However, in using text messaging activities while studying spoken language can really boost the understanding of a class.

What do you think? Should some things be scrapped, or do you have alternative suggestions as to what should go on in a classroom?

In other words, if you have classroom tales of things going brilliantly and things that have gone horribly wrong, then I want to know!